Describe your time with The Wedding Present in five words:

Professional Indie Pop Dour Twist

Tell us exactly why you left The Wedding Present?

I never officially left the band as David went of to do his solo thing with Cinerama. We all really needed a break after an intensive 3 month tour of America and Europe. He asked me to join Cinerama a lot later when Terry wasn't available but I declined because by then my life had changed. I had a new job and I was happy.

In the first few months after leaving The Wedding Present, what aspects of being in the group, if any, did you miss the most?

This is a weird question because at the time I didn't believe the band had dissolved or that I had left. I was going out with Simon Smith who also believed that the band was just on a break. So I didn't miss anything at all because we were all exhausted! But what I miss now are the strange working hours, no weekends and long holidays!

Any regrets? Do you sometimes wish that you were still involved?

I don't regret my decision not to step up at the time when I was asked but when I see any good band perform I miss the thrill of playing live and the excitement that the whole thing generates.

Do you have any song, or performance that you consider to be your defining moment with The Wedding Present?

A defining moment? No. But I always loved the absolute precision of Simon's drumming and the brilliant bass tunes and chords churned out by Keith. He had a style that I felt could complement my own - which was basically me treating the instrument like a guitar as opposed to a bass. Festivals were always the best and worst of gigs and I guess that one in Germany where I broke the head of the guitar was both funny and exhilarating as it was the end of a very long tour and I could play all the songs blindfolded, I felt completely comfortable with the performance.

Do you have a favourite Wedding Present record that (a) you played on, and (b) you didn't play on?

a) Project Cenzo was probably the most fun to record for me and I always loved playing Drive live

b) Seamonsters was the coolest but everyone loves Spangle. I like playing Bewitched and Come Play With Me live.

The thought of which venue/festival performance sends a shiver down your spine?

Mean Fiddler, London - packed house, 90% humidity, bricking it.

Tell us something that not many people know about David Gedge?

He wears his heart on his sleeve but it's not like in the songs

Have you seen The Wedding Present or Cinerama since leaving the band?

Yup..both, all the time. I let them stay at my house when they play Newcastle.

What is your relationship with David Gedge like now, and would you consider re-joining The Wedding Present?

We are mates but don't contact each other outside band-related stuff. Simon Cleave is my best buddy though. If they were desperate and I was available, I would consider it.

What are you doing now?

I am a website designer. I don't do music. 

Have you got a box of 'TWP Stuff' in the loft? Tell us what's in it?

I have well-worn and loved t-shirts that I use as nighties! I have some memorabilia from a shop display promoting Mini where I look as good as I probably ever could do. I have hundreds of tour photos and, oh yeah, a bass guitar!

Jayne Lockey Specific Questions:

How many times did you photograph The Wedding Present for Lime Lizard before joining the group?

Twice I think - I was a little in awe of them.

What was more fun - being in TseTse Fly and supporting The Wedding Present or being in The Wedding Present?

The former.

How big a fan of the group were you before joining and how didd your perceptions change after you joined?

I wasn't really a fan - just a very respectful peer. After I joined I realised just how famous they were and the songs grew on me.