Our Cyprus Apartment

Living areaInvesting in property abroad can be a minefield. But our experience of purchasing our lovely Cyprus apartment has been fairly smooth to date. I remember how nervous I was with the initial idea, how I tried to research the buying process, making my initial contacts, finding a friendly ear to advise and help me, feeling good about it, feeling scared I had got us into hot water, going to the Cypriot Embassy in London, finding the furnishings, dealing with the bank for the mortgage, signing off and starting to look for tenants.

It’s done now and my continuous task it to market it to paying guests for as many weeks in the year as possible.

So I built my own website and advertise on Owners Direct, Holday Rentals, Self Property Rentals and a couple of others. I have to be organised with my bookings because I deal with my customers directly and am always looking to improve my own services and give the customers something extra special. This is tough to do in a very competitive market.

I would love to spend more time there myself and am always looking forward to my next trip out.

Below is a link to our availability calendar should you fancy a trip yourself.

Prices and availability