Cats welcome at our holiday cottage

Cats welcome at our holiday cottage

Cat harnessI would love to meet all the pets that come to stay at our holiday cottage in Bellingham. But alas this is not possible. One of my favourites so far though has to be the cat, “Benson”. He was so good and so well-travelled. His “parents” have always had him in the car with them on trips and he loves it. He was run over as a youngster and our guests basically taught him to walk again by putting him on a leash and taking him out every day a few steps at a time. Now he’s going great guns and his owners told me that they had a great time with him in the cottage and that Bellingham was “the friendliest village in the UK”!

p.s. the photo isn’t Benson – just a nice photo of a cat harness.

I don’t use a harness for my cat but they can be a safe way of letting your feline friend roam outside if, for example, there is a danger of traffic or other predators in the vicinity.

If you want try a harness make sure that you introduce it very slowly day by day with treats and fuss. Only slip it on when your cat is in a calm and happy state and then only for a few seconds. Repeat many times with treats and fuss and build up the time that she wears the harness. Eventually she will associate the harness with nice things and then you can let her wear it around the house before you attach the leash. Let her get used to the leash by leaving it always in a slack position. Do not try and force the cat into the direction you want her to go – she will not appreciate this. Instead try and coax her with a gentle pull in the right direction and as soon as she is going that way loosen the leash. Once outside let her roams for herself and just follow along holding the leash loosely. A gentle pull in the right direction¬†with treats should get your cats walking nicely but they are not “walkers” like dogs.

In time she will learn to love the harness and enjoy her outside time as much as Benson.