Land of the Lost Wolves

Land of the Lost wolvesIn Washington state in the US, wolves have been absent for 70 years because they were hunted to extinction. This film aired on the BBC documents how they were making a reappearance pushing South from their last stronghold of Canada.

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Bobbie the Westie

image of West Highland Terrier eyes and earsBobby the Westie needed ear and eye drops but was very snappy. I think  his ears must have been very sore and infected as they were swollen inside. He is my latest charge from the Cinnamon Trust charity. The first time I met him to administer his treatment I had to muzzle him with a soft makeshift muzzle to prevent him from biting me. Continue reading 'Bobbie the Westie'»

Doggie Days Creche

Doggy Days CrecheIn January 2012 I began a work experience placement at the Doggie Days Creche facility in Cramlington.

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Canine first aid course

First aid course presented by Emma Foxall RVN. Hosted by Muttamorphosis dog training in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The one day seminar was really informative and it made me wonder why vets don’t hand out pamphlets to all owners who bring in their dogs for treatment or for new puppy owners. The aim of the course was to give owners a guide to first aid for dogs and provide practical instruction for treating minor cuts and ailments. It also gave an insight into potentially problematic conditions that need immediate veterinary care and those that can be managed at home.

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Breaking Bad Habits in Dogs

Breaking bad habits DVDWatching this video by Colin Tennant gives you a good understanding of the basics of dog training.

Dogs learn all their behaviours by association – whether reward or disciple within 2 seconds of their actions. Complex behaviours are difficult to manage in that you need to recognise the cause and provide a remedy – perhaps in actual fact there are a number of remedies.

The video shows how you can use a variety of tools for behaviour control and why you should limit access to toys for the purposes of training. There are plenty of good tips for training recall and for resolving the increasingly common issue of separation anxiety.

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Why Does My Dog…?

"Why does my dog...?" book coverI found John Fisher’s book to be a really engaging read, if a little dated. That in no way diminishes its value however. Not only does he explain specific canine behaviors and problems through charming storytelling but the stories ratify his experience of more than 20 years. In a neat format he outlines problems via alphabetical listing along with root causes and solutions. He explains clearly and distinctly how important, less obvious origins like diet and brain function can be for behaviour as well as the usual suspects of training techniques and environment.

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Hi-tack heelwork-to-music bonding

heelwork to musicDonna Connelly who trains in the North East kindly invited me to attend part of the heelwork-to-music (HTM) all day workshop and seminar she was hosting at the weekend. Top HTM trainer, two-time Crufts winner, Richard Curtis, was teaching the workshop.

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Visit to a dog obedience class

obedienceSue Chambers is a well known local lady who has been training dogs for over 20 years. She is a well-respected dog trainer in the North East region and allowed me to observe one of her training classes for my coursework.

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Observing a puppy socialisation class

puppyYesterday I met up with Sue McCabe. She let me observe her puppy socialisation class for my course work.

It was the fist “doggie” class I had ever been to and was held in a community hall where about 8 pups (8-16 weeks) were spread out around the class. Most of the dogs were recognisable breeds, the largest of which was a German shepherd and the smallest a poodle/terrier cross. Sue used a loud, strong voice all through the class and this seemed to excite a few dogs sometimes to the point of misbehaving. The loud tone of the class seemed to preclude anyone from raising questions very easily. Despite this, there was a good, friendly atmosphere with both owners and spectators enjoying the proceedings.

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The Dog Listener

Cover of The Dog ListenerJan Fennell and Monty Roberts describe how they have developed a training method based on wolf behaviour without resorting to having to physically dominate the dog in any way. It is possible to get dogs to do what you want them to do without the need for any harsh punishment or even bodily manipulation. Her anecdotal tales seem to all be based on the sole idea of relieving the dog of its duty as pack leader. Whether her wolf theory is accurate or not her practical approach seems to work wonders for the dogs she handles in a humane way.

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